“The odds of making contact drop by 3000x if the first call is made 5 hours or more after lead submission”

How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold,
James B. Oldroyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Power of Intent

Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we can access unique data from a multitude of third-party Intent data providers. We don’t do bidstream — only privacy-compliant Data Co-ops.

And thanks to our proprietary technology we can analyze content consumption of entire organizations, engaging businesses when they are researching your products and solutions.

An MIT study confirmed that a rep is 100x more likely to make contact if the first call is made 30 minutes after submission. We’ll get you there.

Response Time From Lead Creation: Created Leads That Are Contacted/Qualified

Contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes

Contacted Leads

Qualified Leads

Conversation Intelligence

Our AI-powered tech actually understands the context of sales discussions thanks to real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP). That allows us the ability to provide much-needed information and insight before even speaking to the prospect. We provide your Sales Reps with true visibility into the prospect’s pain points, needs, required capabilities, stakeholders, and purchase processes.

AI-Assisted Dialing Campaigns

Our machine-learning technology detects voicemails, filters out bad numbers and automatically navigates phone directories to engage with live prospects quickly. Now that the whole process is automated, our agents are 10 times as busy!

Data-Driven Solutions

Instead of relying on theories, speculation, or trial-and-error, we draw upon cold-hard data and insights to devise highly effective marketing solutions. Our team uses tried and tested strategies to better understand your business’s sales objectives before proposing specific improvements for revenue growth.

Committed Team

When you work with 2ndSight, you’re getting more than a service provider;you’re getting a committed partner who’s dedicated to helping your company improve its revenue. We only consider ourselves successful when our clients reach their growth targets, so you can rest assured we’ll work hard to help you achieve impressive development goals.

Demand Generation Experts

At 2ndSight, we’re demand generation experts with a passion for utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to drive powerful results for our clients. We’re always staying ahead of the trend to ensure our clients are provided with the most effective and state-of-the-art sales development solutions.

Seamless Integration

Incorporate growth solutions without disruption
2ndSight’s powerful AI sales development solutions integrate with your current systems and infrastructure so you can enjoy a seamless experience, integrating easily with both CRMs and shared calendars.

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Lead Gen agencies have proliferated,
while the solutions they offer have standardized

There are a lot of lead generation agencies, most of them indistinguishable from each other. What they offer works, but it’s nothing new, and it’s pretty much the standard these days.

  • Pay-for-performance

    Only pay for meetings that occur between the prospect and your Sales Rep

  • On-Shore Team

    All team members are based in the United States and fully TFPA compliant

  • Director Level & Above

    Meetings are only set with
    C-level Executives, VPs, and Directors

  • White-Label Program

    Maintain brand consistency across channels