Direct Engagement

We offer everything you might need to stay ahead of the curve. Account-Based Marketing allows us to concentrate our efforts on a particular group of accounts. Our demand generation solutions will help you optimize the client’s journey from Channel Partners. Our Competitor Targeting solutions will help you hone in on the ideal prospects, and our extensive database and appointment setting solutions will get you the Public Sector Support you need to generate massive sales.

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is all about concentrating efforts, resources, and strategies on a particular group of target accounts in order to bring about optimized results. We’ll help you identify the key marketing and sales development solutions needed to perfect ABM renewal, cross-sell, and up-sell campaigns.

Channel Partners

Not all sales come from directly within your company. Many times, it’s the strategic partnerships you’ve built with channel partners that deliver warm leads and eventually sales. Through our demand generation solutions, we’ll help you optimize the client journey from channel partners to improve the closure rate for this critical source of business.

Competitor Targeting

You’re not automatically limited to the prospects you identify first. If you’re noticing your competitors finding success in areas you can’t seem to tap into, we can help you take advantage of those leads through competitor targeting. We’ll find where your top competitors are excelling so you know exactly where to strike for the greatest return.

Public Sector Penetration

Get the public sector support you need to generate massive sales with our extensive database, appointment setting solutions and AI-driven strategy. We have an unmatched wealth of data on the FED/SLED market which your team can tap into to overhaul its sales approach. Learn tonavigate the bureaucratic labyrinth of the public sector to realize the full potential of this valuable and often untapped market.

Generate Omni-Channel Revenue Improvements

Streamline your processes, accelerate your pipeline, and generate more income through the AI-powered and data-driven intelligence offered by 2ndSight.

Improved Insights Means Better Marketing & Increased Conversion

All our solutions are aimed at helping our clients improve their pipeline growth. We take various approaches to identify shortcomings, improved strategies, and effective implementation methods to capitalize on current revenue generation for improved performance. When you work with 2ndSight you can expect to:

  • Reliably hit growth and revenue targets without
    the guesswork or finger-crossing
  • Quickly and effectively solve campaign issues through AI-powered suggestions
  • Boost ROI on sales and marketing spending with improved success

Campaign and Target Research

It’s impossible to know how a campaign is performing without having visibility into active accounts. Through our campaign and target research solutions, we’ll help you gain more information about your marketing and sales strategies. You’ll find hidden demand, become more familiar with buyers, and have the insights you need to capitalize on every revenue opportunity.

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Inbound Lead Management

Inbound leads should have the highest conversion rate because they’re the most qualified, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a surefire sale. Through our inbound sales development solutions, we’ll make sure your inbound processes are streamlined, optimized, and successful, never letting an inbound lead go to waste.

Opportunity Qualification

Inbound leads demonstrating interest in your offers doesn’t translate into a smooth process automatically. These prospects are notoriously elusive, especially for sales teams who have been working with the same lead for a while. That’s where our machine learning lead qualification solution come in handy. You’ll be able to make sure your business follows up quickly and effectively with each lead to increase pipeline closure and boost revenue.

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