Leveraging AI and Machine learning to Accelerate Pipeline

Best-in-Class Machine Learning Marketing and Sales Development Solutions

  • Real-Time Intent Data
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • AI-Assisted Dialing Campaigns
  • Data-Driven Solutions
  • Committed Team
  • Demand Generation Experts
  • Seamless Integration

Drive conversions and increase profits

Convert more opportunities through our custom-tailored and highly effective AI business marketing solutions. Our team will identify the most effective title paths to penetrate, overhauling your customer pipeline for higher conversions. All of our decisions are informed by insightful data and cutting-edge AI technology.

Power of intent

Make the most out of your time by engaging businesses that already show interest.

Conversation intelligence

Easily review and provide visibility into the prospects pain points with real time NLP.

AI assisted dialing campaigns

Let machine learning technology filter out bad prospects to increase productivity.

Imagine humans. Overall, they aren’t as reliable and productive as we would like. That’s the reason we’ve been imagining a world filled with robots for so long! Now, we at 2ndSight don’t make sentient robots (yet), but we’ve found a way to utilize state-of- the-art AI and machine learning to achieve greatness in the world of marketing and sales development. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to go back. That’s not a threat, only a prediction. We’re good at those, too.

With the help of machine learning, we can eliminate the usual problems connected with sales development: limited talent pool, unreasonable salaries, and bonuses.

2ndSight is a New York-based demand generation agency, specializing in machine learning sales development and appointment setting solutions across sectors. Thanks to us, companies can now realize increased conversion and growth while augmenting their existing go-to-market strategies.

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